Message from Master Dance Inc CEO

Now that I’ve returned home and the dust has settled, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each every one of you who attended the Inaugural Master Dance Grand Ball! This being my first venture into owning and organizing an event was a mammoth task that I couldn’t be more happy and proud of!

Thank you to all the wonderful dancers, teachers, spectators, dance schools, supporters and friends that took the time to come out to dance, support, watch, observe, and attend!! I feel very touched and incredibly inspired to see a packed ballroom so early in the morning and throughout the day with so many enthusiastic and happy faces! And, thank you also to all those that couldn’t be there but still supported me in this venture with your beautiful messages and words of support. I’m so appreciative and grateful! This experience far surpassed what I had in mind as the vision of my first competition and I’m so happy and thrilled everyone had such a great time and was able to enjoy themselves!!

I’d like to also express my thanks and gratitude to all the incredible Judges, Officials, Hotel Staff, and Volunteers for your knowledge, skills, professionalism, and support. Without you, this event would not have run so smoothly without a hitch and this special day would not have been possible! Thank you also to my family and friends for your love and support throughout this journey and who helped me set up and take everything down!

Special thanks to all the corporate and private sponsors who supported this event and believing in me and in this competition! I am so grateful for your support and without you this event would not be the same!! And, thank you to Dusan & Valeria for your beautiful performance topping the evening off with grace and elegance!!

I couldn’t be more thrilled, excited, and inspired in this new role as competition owner and organizer! A little over a year ago, I was still a competitor wondering what the next chapter of my dancing career would be like. And now I feel so lucky to be able to continue sharing my love for dancing with all of you in another capacity but still with the same dedication, commitment, discipline, and love for dancing as before. I’m immensely humbled and grateful for the opportunity and for all of you.

And now, I begin the work and planning for next year’s Master Dance Grand Ball, September 30th 2023! It will be even better and more exciting and I look forward to welcoming you all again!

Much love to everyone,


Master Dance Inc.