Pacific Grand Ball is now Master Dance Grand Ball

For over 13 years, the Pacific Grand Ball has been an important competition in the dancing community of the Bay Area and Northern California. Under the organization of Tomas Aktocevicius and Aira Bubnelyte, the Pacific Grand Ball has given the dancing community a place to call home full of warmth, incredible atmosphere, and great friendship. Dancers and spectators alike have always been thrilled to call the Pacific Grand Ball home as a place to dance, compete, and reunite with familiar friends and faces.

Master Dance Inc is incredibly pleased and honored to now have the unique opportunity to take on the reigns of owning and organizing this very important event. Having purchased this event from Tomas and Aira, the Pacific Grand Ball is now being renamed and rebranded as the Master Dance Grand Ball serving as the inaugural ballroom dancing competition for the Master Dance Inc company. Master Dance Inc is a ballroom dancing company that specializes in providing dance related products such as shoes, dance wear, couture dresses, and other dance related items as well hosting dance camps. Now, the Master Dance company is incredibly honored and privileged to be able to add to its repertoire, competition Owner and Organizer.

The Master Dance Grand Ball will continue in the tradition of warmth, kindness, and a great welcoming atmosphere for all its competitors, spectators, judges, officials, and patrons. Master Dance Grand Ball’s vision is to create the best competition experience for every dancing competitor, spectator, judge, official, and patron.  We will work to ensure that everyone has fun, enjoys their dancing, and gains valuable knowledge and experience while competing at the Master Dance Grand Ball! 

Master Dance Inc is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the inaugural Master Dance Grand Ball!